The Dallas Project Reel

Role: Editor/Producer

The Dallas Project is an Independent Lens original series, debuting on PBS in 2023. The purpose of this reel is to boost fundraising and on-the-ground engagement in Texas, starting at the local level and followed by a national pitch. The reel strives to be a reflection of the city, highlighting the interwoven stories in the series. 

My concept of the mural, which was employed for the graphics, creates a dynamic, vibrant expression that pays homage to the culture and grit of the city. Inspired by an actual mural in Dallas, it showcases community and symbols that unify and connect people. The GFX embody a place and a connection - the background for an emerging storyline that includes people from all walks of life in Dallas. 

Creative Director: Carol Paik

Editor/Producer: Lindsay Tully

Motion Graphics: Spillt